Applepie Toys

Meet Spotty and Kitty - the first tail-wagging, body-wiggling, head-turning, pull-along pets made by Michael Lensvelt. Spotty and Kitty were first made in 1992 for Michael's children Max, Kit and Isabelle.

Family members, friends, friends of friends and complete strangers who met the ‘Dynamic Duo’ wanted pull-along pets for their children, and before you could say blisters, Michael found he had made thousands of them in his small workshop!

To satisfy demand, the toys are now manufactured abroad from renewable timber materials and we have added wide wheelbases with rubber-rimmed wheels, so they will pull along smoothly without falling over or scratching your floors. The cats and dogs also have bright red collars and leads that look just like the real thing.

Spotty and Kitty will soon be joined by new family members who are planned, and in this site, you'll get to meet them all, as well as find out about the Awards they've won, see them in all their wiggling glory, and discover how to get your hands on your very own pull along pet!